TIME magazine, “ What Psychedelics Can Teach Us About Play” by Ross Ellenhorn.

Skin Deep Magazine, “Palestine : Ways of Being”, a season of stories centring under-explored areas of Palestinian life and liberation. Curated by Zena Agha.

My Kali Magazine, ازدحام by Zain Youssef.

It’s Nice That, “How Aude Nasr weaves activism through her richly patterned illustrations“.

Creative Boom, “Illustrator Aude Nasr captures the plurality of queer identities in Queering The Map“.


Aude Nasr (Aboul-Nasr) is a French-Lebanese artist. She works with independent media and initiatives, illustrating voices that articulate a more critical understanding of the changes happening in our societies. She also shares her own stories along the way, using illustration, animation, comics or photography.



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